Chloe Sevigny And Travis Fimmel Join Cast Of Andrew Haigh’s ‘Lean On Pete’
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Chloe Sevigny And Travis Fimmel Join Cast Of Andrew Haigh’s ‘Lean On Pete’

EXCLUSIVE: Chloe Sevigny and Travis Fimmel have boarded the cast of Andrew Haigh’s Lean on Pete. They join, as previously reported exclusively by Deadline, Steve Buscemi and Charlie Plummer in the lead role of Charley Thompson, the itinerant teen abandoned by his mother as a baby. The film is an adaptation of Willy Vlautin’s acclaimed novel of the same name. It follows Charley as he embarks on a perilous journey in search of his long-lost aunt and a possible home. Charley’s quest carries him from a horse-racing track in Portland, through the sagebrush of the Oregon desert, to the city streets of Denver, his sole companion the stolen racehorse Lean on Pete.

The Bureau’s Tristan Goligher is producing. Film4 is co-financing along with the British Film Institute. A24 are the U.S. distrib with international rights being handled by The Bureau Sales.

Chloë Sevigny will play the role of Bonnie, a jockey who rides for Steve Buscemi’s character Del. Travis Fimmel will play Ray, Charley’s father. The award-winning actress Sevigny can currently be seen in Whit Stillman’s ecstatically reviewed Love and Friendship opposite Kate Beckinsale. She also stars in Netflix original series Bloodline. Sevigny recently made her directorial debut on the shirt film Kitty, about a little girl who dreams of being a kitten, which preemed to good notices at Cannes earlier this year.

Sevigny also has a trio of projects in the pipelines: Universal’s The Snowman, opposite Michael Fassbender; Oren Moverman’s The Dinner, which stars Gere and also Charlie Plummer as well as Alex Ross Perry’s Golden Exits. Sevigny is repped by Brillstein Entertainment Partners and WME.

Travis Fimmel, who returns as lead Ragnar Lothbrok on the History Channel’s hit series Vikings later this year, has also seen his film stock rising with well-received perfs in Rebecca Miller’s critically-acclaimed Maggie’s Plan and Universal/Legendary’s Warcraft, currently at $430 million worldwide box office. The Australian Fimmel also recently signed on to the lead role in the Paul Haggis co-scripted Inversion with Peter Segal directing. Fimmel is repped by Paradigm, Management 360 and Sloane, Offer, Weber and Dern.

Haigh has emerged to become one of the UK’s most interesting filmmakers. His previous film 45 Years, about an aging couple — played by Charlotte Rampling and Tom Courtenay — and their faltering relationship emerged as an awards-season dark horse last year with a best actress nomination for Rampling at the Academy Awards and a best British film nomination at the BAFTAs. The film also took home the best British/Irish film of the year at the London Film Critics’ Circle Awards along with Best Actor and Actress of the Year.

Haigh has also signed on to direct the Alexander McQueen biopic for producer Damian Jones and Pathe. Red hot playwright Chris Urch, whose latest play The Rolling Stone debuted in London to ecstatic reviews, is writing the project. That project will likely go after Haigh is done with Lean On Pete.

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San Diego Comic Con 2016: History’s ‘Vikings’ Panel Will Included Show’s Creator And Travis Fimmel, Among Others

San Diego Comic Con 2016 has just started making its announcements in regards to TV show panels. In the lineup is History’s Vikings. Once more the show’s creator, Michael Hirst, will join with regular cast members to discuss the show’s upcoming storylines.

Season 4 of Vikings is currently on hiatus with the second half to air later in 2016. It is likely the return date announcement for Season 4 of Vikings will be made at San Diego Comic Con 2016 along with a preview of what is to come.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, History’s Vikings panel will be held in Room 6BCF on Friday, July 22, from 5:45 to 6:45 p.m. Along with Michael Hirst, the lineup is as follows: Travis Fimmel (Ragnar Lothbrok), Katheryn Winnick (Lagertha), Clive Standen (Duke Rollo), Gustaf Skarsgard (Floki), Alyssa Sutherland (Aslaug), and Alexander Ludwig (Bjorn Ironside).

The mid-season finale of Season 4 of Vikings saw a significant time jump that left some fans unimpressed. While the time jump was distracting, it was also essential to set the pieces in play for the second half of Season 4. Ragnar Lothbrok returns to Kattegat after a crushing loss in battle to his brother, Rollo, and finds a vastly different place to the one he left. All of his sons are grown up and it is interesting to note that none of the older versions of Ragnar’s sons will make an appearance at San Diego Comic Con this year, other than Bjorn. It would have been a wonderful way to get the audience behind the new characters. Also absent will be Vikings newcomer Jonathan Rhys-Meyers. As yet very little is known about the role he will play. Although, considering his name was announced at the same time that History announced Vikings was renewed for Season 5, it is likely Meyers will not even turn up at all in Season 4.

As yet, there have been no announcements in regards to other Vikings events during San Diego Comic Con 2016, however, there should be autograph and photo opportunities available. Last year’s San Diego Comic Con also included the Vikings Bludgeon Booth that allowed fans to re-enact their favorite scenes from Vikings, a chance to drink like a viking in the Gaslamp District using your very own replica drinking horn, and the chance to sail on a replica of one of the Vikings longships. Many fans will also participate in San Diego Comic Con 2016 by dressing up as their favorite character from History’s Vikings.

This is the 47th year San Diego Comic Con has been held, making it the longest-running convention of its kind. San Diego Comic Con will run from Thursday, July 21, to Sunday, July 24, at the San Diego Convention Center with a special review night on Wednesday, July 20. Fans can already get their hands on exclusives via the Comic Con website. If you want to pre-order your SDCC 2016 T-shirt, you have until Wednesday to do so. To order a T-shirt, you must be attending San Diego Comic Con and the shirt must be picked up from SDCC before the end of the event as there is no mail services available for this item. For full details, please visit the San Diego Comic Con website. For the rest of the first wave of exclusives, you can visit this page. Clicking on each company name will reveal the exclusive deals already available.

Vikings will return in 2016 and has been renewed for Season 5 by the History Channel. As yet History has not made an official announcement on when Season 4 will return, but speculation has ranged from July 7 through to October of this year.

Travis Fimmel: From Calvin Klein Model to Lumbersexual
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Travis Fimmel: From Calvin Klein Model to Lumbersexual

In the early Aughts, male model Travis Fimmel made the fashion industry swoon with his perpetually-sun-kissed Australian surfer bod and long blonde hair. He is best known for his steamy Calvin Klein billboard, shot by Steven Klein, that reportedly caused traffic jams because drivers kept slowing down to stare. “I found him in a poolroom.

He looked like James Dean at the time,” Calvin Klein recalled in an interview. “He walks into my studio, into my office, and it was like drop-dead… His presence was jaw-dropping. I called Steven Klein right away and said, ‘Don’t do anything. Just put him in the underwear and put him up against the window.’”

In 2002, he appeared in the cover of W with the then also on-the-rise Gisele Bündchen under the headline “White Heat.” “The kind of girls I like certainly wouldn’t know I did Calvin, and I certainly wouldn’t tell them,” he told the magazine at the time. “I’d just say that I’m working in a bar.” Later that year, he was named one of the world’s sexiest bachelors by People magazine and eventually he was said to be the inspiration for Samantha’s boyfriend on Sex and the City, Smith Jerrod.

Always a reluctant demigod, Fimmel eventually D’Angelo’ed and, uncomfortable with all the attention lavished on his physique, he retreated into private life.

By 2009, Fimmel was officially done with modeling. He shifted his focus to acting and landed small supporting parts here and there, including in a little-known film called Surfer, Dude, “a wave twisting tale of a soul searching surfer experiencing an existential crisis.” Deep. When he finally reappeared in earnest in 2013, he was almost unrecognizable as the warrior Ragnar Lothbrok (a far cry from Smith Jerrod) in the series Vikings, which ended its run in April. (It’s already been renewed for a fifth season by the History Channel.)

In the place of Fimmel’s blonde man bun was — what to call it? — a ponytail-buzz-cut-mohawk situation. The abs were still there, though. After all, deep inside his new lumbersexual look is a Calvin Klein boy from long ago. It’s no surprise that his favorite television character is Tony Soprano.

“I still want to be like him, not the gangster part but he was such a force and very manly,” he tells W, returning to its pages in the August issue for the first time in nearly 15 years. And that haircut, by the way? “It takes 45 minutes just to get my scalp tattoos painted on,” he says.

Thanks to the success of Vikings, Fimmel’s modeling career has become a nice memory. Now age 36, he’s since landed roles in feature films like Warcraft and even has a supporting role in the recent indie film Maggie’s Plan alongside Greta Gerwig, although he played a hipster with a beard. It’s clear that the Calvin Klein days are long gone. Fimmel isn’t taking his shirt off anytime soon because unfortunately for us, he doesn’t need to.

‘Vikings’ Star Travis Fimmel and ‘Warcraft: The Beginning’: an Inside Look
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‘Vikings’ Star Travis Fimmel and ‘Warcraft: The Beginning’: an Inside Look

The young man who started his career as an underwear model for Calvin Klein has finally come full circle. Currently starring in a hit TV series on the History Channel, this Australian actor also plays the lead character in Warcraft: The Beginning, which is currently showing in cinemas. Here is an inside look on Vikings Star Travis Fimmel.

Born in Echuca, Victoria, Fimmel started his modeling career back in 2002, when he found himself with no money. According to, the actor was barefoot as he walked inside a modeling agency in Los Angeles. Not long after, his larger-than-life Calvin Klein underwear-clad image was pasted on billboards.
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A year later, Fimmel found himself on television in the short lived Tarzan series. He bagged another TV show in 2009, this time with the late Patrick Swayze in The Beast. Four years later, he was cast as Ragnar Lothbrok, a Nordic king on the TV show Vikings.

While Vikings star Travis Fimmel would rather not dig too much into his days as a model, he cannot stop talking about his experiences in Warcraft: The Beginning.

“It’s a whole different experience doing so much motion-capture and special effects and getting pushed around with broomsticks and tennis balls thrown at you,” he said.

The actor readily admitted that he probably was not the ideal actor for the character, but he was happy to have been chosen.

Fimmel got the role after director Duncan Jones saw him on Vikings. His character’s toughness, combined with some vulnerability and cheekiness, was what attracted the director. The Australian actor co-stars with Paula Patton, who plays a character painted in green and sporting small tusks. Despite this, though, Daily Mail said that Fimmel found it easy to like Robin Thicke’s ex-wife.

The actor also believes there is a spark between Lothar and Garona, Patton’s character. “There’s certainly a love interest with Garona. We’re always on the precipice of trusting each other, but we never fully do.”

Vikings star Travis Fimmel will next be seen in the independent film Maggie’s Plan. The actor will be playing the role of a hipster and potential sperm donor in the romantic comedy set to hit cinemas next month.

Travis Fimmel shares embarrassing story while filming Warcraft
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Travis Fimmel shares embarrassing story while filming Warcraft

Australian actor Travis Fimmel is no stranger to playing a warrior – he portrays the fearsome Ragnar in the TV series Vikings.

Now, he gets to extend that physicality on the big screen with Warcraft: The Beginning – a fantasy adventure which has the hunk tackling the role of Anduin Lothar, a commander of the human army. Warcraft is based on the popular online game (World Of Warcraft) and it sees the human realm of Azeroth threatened when Orcs show up as they flee their dying planet. Although loyal to his king to a fault, Anduin discovers that not all Orcs are bad.

In an interview transcript provided by UIP Malaysia, the 37-year-old Fimmel shared that he was still on the set of Vikings when he made the audition tape for Warcraft. Although he didn’t borrow any armour from the Vikings set, Fimmel did use one of the show’s sets to film the audition.

As for whether he was aware of the game at all, Fimmel said: “I’d heard of it, but never played it. I’d seen pictures, and now I’ve watched people play, like (co-star) Rob Kazinsky … I’d go and ask him how to say certain words or the meaning of these World Of Warcraft words. But the studio is so respectful to the game, especially with the look of it and everything. The armour that we had to wear was so cumbersome, I’d have to go sideways. But visually, I think it looks fantastic. Some of the renders that I saw, with the Orcs and the definition on the faces was just unreal. You really see the human eyes behind them and really feel the emotion.”

Fimmel threw himself into the role, especially the action sequences. However, something unexpected happened on set. “I love horses … (but) I fell off. It was pretty embarrassing. I grew up riding horses, so I was pretty red-faced. It’s a long story, I’ll take the blame, I was just dumb, but the crew went pretty quiet… Turns out they were worried. About the horse!” – Mumtaj Begum

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Travis Fimmel On the warpath

True to the saying “you can take the boy out of the country, but you can’t take the country out of the boy” Aussie actor Travis Fimmel admits his end goal is to return to the land.

But Fimmel, who was raised on a dairy farm in rural Victoria, isn’t likely to be leaving Hollywood any time soon after firmly cementing himself as a leading man in film and television. Not bad for a guy who says he went to LA to try his luck at acting so he could “try and avoid a real job”.

The 36-year-old, who got his big break starring opposite Patrick Swayze in 2009 TV series The Beast, currently stars in the fantasy, action-adventure Warcraft: The Beginning, based on the popular franchise of video games and novels.

Fimmel admits he is not a gamer and was not familiar with the world of Warcraft before signing on to play fearless knight Anduin Lothar.

“I wanted to work with Duncan Jones,” Fimmel says by phone from New York about the film’s director, the son of David Bowie, whose credits include Moon and Source Code.

“He’s done a couple of great films and he’s really passionate about the game and he convinced me to do it.”

The CGI spectacular sees a formidable race of orcs flee their dying home through a portal connecting two worlds. They invade the peaceful realm of Azeroth and so ensues a mighty battle to decide the fate of families and their homeland.

No stranger to action roles, the fighting skills Fimmel honed playing Nordic warrior and king Ragnar Lothbrok on four seasons of the popular TV series Vikings were advantageous for his latest role.

“I’d just come straight from Vikings, I didn’t have much time to do much training but there were some great choreographers on set,” he explains.

“It’s movie making, they really do make you look a lot better than what you are.”

Fimmel likes to attempt whatever stunts production allows but admits it doesn’t always go to plan.

“It’s pretty embarrassing, I’m the only one that actually owned a horse and was the one that fell off the horse in front of everybody on set,” he confesses.

His humiliation becomes clearer when he explains his history of horsemanship goes back to his childhood.

“I had a little pony, my old man always had a horse.

“Didn’t do it (ride) for a while but I’ve got one in the States, I’ve had it for about seven years.”

At home in the saddle, Fimmel says rumours about his other sporting prowess are just that — rumours.

“I actually can’t surf for s…,” he admits before adding “I was no good at football. I haven’t played footy since I was 17 or 18.”

Fans will have the opportunity to ask Fimmel more about the true facts of his life when he arrives in Perth for Supanova next weekend.

“I look forward to getting there, I love these events,” says Fimmel who has also attended fan show Comic-Con for Warcraft and Vikings.

“It’s always interesting characters that partake in it

and I look forward to seeing those interesting characters.”

But not all of his encounters with fans have been fun, with a few over-exuberant enthusiasts taking their admiration for him a little too far when he was returning home from the set of Vikings.

“In Ireland one time, I walked home and there was three people sitting on my patio having beers waiting for me to get home from work. That was kind of weird,” he admits.

Fans keen to see more of Fimmel on the small screen will be happy to know the star believes the next 10 episodes of Vikings, due to return to SBS later in the year, are “the best we’ve done”.

“There’s some great stuff in the next episodes and I think it will be the best 10 that Vikings have ever accomplished,” he explains. “The kids go on and do a lot better stuff than Ragnar does.

“The audience will get to see those three boys grown up more…and they really start to accomplish their own things and make a name for themselves.”

Both Fimmel’s characters in Warcraft and Vikings are family men struggling to be fathers. But in real life family is definitely where the heart is for the star.

He has previously come to WA to visit his two brothers who work in Karratha and Newman and is looking forward to catching up with the rest of his family when he returns to Australia.

“I live a long way away from them at the moment but I look forward to getting home and seeing my brothers and nephews and nieces and parents and grandma,” he says.

Surprisingly the former model with the cheeky grin and piercing blue eye says: “I don’t have any sons, I’d love to have them. I’m looking for a woman that will put up with me.”

Fimmel admits he’d love to return home permanently. “I want to try and make some money and get out of it,” he explains.

But there is more he would like to do before he leaves the entertainment industry, citing a desire to work with Daniel Day-Lewis and Joaquin Phoenix as well as fellow Aussie Ben Mendelsohn.

Fimmel has no preference for working in TV or film. “Wherever the writing is better. The great thing about movies is you move on and do something different the next time,” he says.

“With TV you get stuck doing the same thing for a fair few years but I’m easy. Wherever the better quality is and I need a job — whoever hires me.”

Fimmel will be returning to the big screen, filming Inversion later this year. This time he’ll be working with director Peter Segal (50 First Dates, Anger Management) in a sci-fi movie where the Earth gradually loses gravity.

Supanova Pop Culture Expo is at the Perth Convention and Exhibition Centre June 25-26. Tickets via Warcraft: The Beginning is now screening.

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History’s ‘Vikings’: Season 5 Filming Starts — But Why Will Rollo Be Absent?

Fans of History’s Vikings can officially get excited about Season 5 after Katheryn Winnick posted a video to Instagram about the new season. It seems Ragnar will also be present. However, the character of Rollo will be absent for at least part of the Season 5.

SPOILER ALERT: This article contains information and speculation about Season 4 and 5 of History Channel’s Vikings. Please proceed with caution if you wish to avoid spoilers.

Vikings Season 4 is currently on hiatus until later in the year after History decided to issue double the episodes this season and split the season over 2016 into two, 10-episode segments. History has not released when the second half of Season 4 of Vikings will return; however, Katheryn Winnick (who plays main character, Lagertha), has excited fans by releasing a short new video to her Instagram account announcing that filming has begun on Season 5 of Vikings.

But what can fans expect to see in Season 5 of Vikings? Will Ragnar, Lagertha, and the rest of the original cast still be present?

Considering Katheryn Winnick posted the Season 5 announcement video, it seems likely she will be present for at least part of Season 5 of Vikings. This means that Lagertha must survive the wounds inflicted on her in Episode 10 of Season 4 of Vikings.

And, if an interview Travis Fimmel (who plays main character, Ragnar Lothbrok) did recently with is correct, it seems Ragnar will also be present for Season 5 of Vikings. Neala Johnson from the News Corp Australia Network asked Fimmel about being a “hipster” in his upcoming movie, Maggie’s Plan. At first, when he realized there was this whole culture surrounding beards, he wanted to shave it off. But, as he pointed out, filming prevents that at the moment.

“I’ve got it back now, ‘cos I have to,” Travis Fimmel revealed.

One character, however, who will be spending quite a bit of time absent from Season 5 of Vikings is Rollo, played by Clive Standen. Earlier this year, The Hollywood Reporter announced that Clive Standen would be joining the cast of NBC’s Taken. Standen will play the main role of Bryan Mills, a character made famous by Liam Neeson in the movie of the same name. In NBC’s version, the Taken series will follow a much younger version of Bryan Mills and is considered a prequel to the 2008 movie.

Many Vikings fans assumed that by taking on this new role, Rollo would die when he fought his brother in the Season 4 mid-season finale of Vikings. But that never happened. Historically, Duke Rollo is a figure who went on to become the first ruler of Normandy, a region of France. So far in Vikings, fans have seen Rollo marry into French royalty, but he has not yet taken over Normandy. So, will this happen at all in Vikings?

Recently, Clive Standen did an interview with Digital Spy stating that he will indeed return for Season 5 of Vikings, even though he has taken on another role.

“I’ve got a happy problem at the moment where I’m in two shows,” he said. “I’m going to be doing Taken until October time and I’m going to pick up and re-join the Vikings team later on in season five. I’m going straight from Toronto back to Dublin, so it’s a good problem to have!”

As a result of his delayed start on Vikings, it seems likely Rollo will be absent for a least a few episodes of Season 5.

However, while it can be assumed Ragnar, Lagertha and Rollo will return in Season 5 of Vikings, it is just as likely they will appear in flashback episodes, maintaining current storylines, much in the way Athelstan (George Blagden) makes the occasional appearance still. Only by tuning into Season 5 of Vikings will all be revealed.

The second half of Season 4 of Vikings will return to History Channel later in 2016. The show has also been renewed for Season 5 in 2017.