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IGN.COM – Get ready for the explosive end of Vikings Season 3 as Ragnar Lothbrok himself, Travis Fimmel, reveals what is driving him.

Last week’s Vikings saw the inception of the raid on Paris, as Ragnar Lothbrok continues his push into lands unknown. Always driven by ambition, Ragnar now has an additional motivation.

“He’s doing it for Athelstan,” Vikings star Travis Fimmel told IGN prior to the Season 3 premiere. Sitting outside of a tent on the Dublin set of the History Chanel series, we spoke with the actor as stuntmen were lit on fire and tossed into a small man-made river beside the wooden ladders they clung to. The cast and crew were in the middle of production on the raid on Paris, as Fimmel took a moment to reflect on what brought Ragnar to this point and think about where he’s headed.

We hadn’t yet learned of Athelstan’s ultimate fate when we sat down with the actor, but we were aware that there was a big death planned for the season. When asked what that event meant to him, Fimmel said that the loss was devastating for Ragnar and marked the most significant event for his character this season.

As far as Paris is concerned, Fimmel says loyalty to his fallen friend propelled Ragnar to invade.

“Athelstan comes up with idea to sack Paris,” the actor reflected. “So he wants to do it for him. He wants to do it for his buddy Athelstan. He’d said that there is no way you can get in, so Ragnar is gonna prove him wrong, but do it for him. Out of friendship.”

The invasion of Paris may mark Ragnar’s most ambitious move to date, but it’s still only one element of a packed season of Vikings. Take a look at the rest of our chat with Fimmel below and get ready for the conclusion of Season 3’s epic journey.

IGN TV: Ragnar has a very revealing bit of dialogue. He says, “This was never about my happiness. When was this ever about my happiness?” For you, what is it about for him? What’s motivating him?
Travis Fimmel: I think in Season 1 he’s more the explorer. It’s always been about learning. He always wanted to learn more about the world, and there’s knowledge out there that he wants to learn and see and be involved in — other-world stuff that he doesn’t know. He’s always had that explorer in him. Then in Season 2 he got caught up in a lot of relationship-driven stuff, a lot of personal problems. This year he gets back to being on the boats a bit more. Then he settles a farm in Wessex, and finally he can do what he wants to do. He heads to Paris, because he’s heard it’s such a challenge to penetrate. I think he’s excited, more than anything, to be discovering again.

IGN: It’s often seemed to be so much about family and legacy for Ragnar, but he’s had some notable conflicts with his two sons: Boneless, who he has mixed feelings about even being alive, and Bjorn, who he can be rather hard on. He cold-clocks Bjorn for letting this pregnant woman enter the fray on the battlefield in one scene. Can you talk about that a little bit?
Fimmel: Of course, he loves both sons so much, but it’s hard for a parent, knowing that Boneless is going to have such a difficult life. Maybe Ragnar takes it out on his wife. He thinks that maybe she is the reason why his son is like that. It might be unfair that he does that, but it’s just this human instinct, which causes a lot of turmoil in their relationship. Bjorn, he just desperately wants him to man up and be responsible. It’s dangerous to have a pregnant woman in battle in any time period. One day, Bjorn may have to take over and be a leader. Ragnar’s all about making him strong enough to do that. Of course, this creates conflicts between Ragnar and Lagertha, the mother, because she babies him too much.

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IBTIMES.COM – Don’t say we didn’t warn you! Before the Season 3 premiere of “Vikings,” we cautioned our readers not to get too attached to the characters of Michael Hirst’s History Channel drama. And we weren’t the only ones giving such sober advice. Katheryn Winnick, who plays the fierce shieldmaiden Lagertha, divulged during an interview with Yahoo TV that a few fan favorites would be meeting their demise during the third season.

“We have lost a few characters,” she confirmed in August, noting that the death toll would rise in Season 3. “Some beloved characters and some amazing characters, so it’s been a little bit in mourning on the ‘Vikings’ set. But I’m telling you, it’s going to be amazing this year.”

She was right, it was. But like all good things, even the third installment of the historical drama must come to an end — and it will on Thursday, April 23. According to the title of the finale, episode 10, it’s safe to assume that the number of casualities will continue to grow in “The Dead.” But which character will end up ascending to Valhalla — or should we say Heaven?

In episode 9 Ragnar revealed that he was a “dying man,” an admission that took us by surprise considering we’ve thought of him as more of a god than a mortal for quite some time now.

“When I die, I want to be reunited with my Christian friend, who happens to be in your heaven,” Ragnar explained his dilemma to the French archbishop (Laurence Foster) of wanting to join Athelstan (George Blagden) in the afterlife he’s learned much about. But unfortunately for the king, the bishop is convinced the only place Ragnar will go after he dies is hell.

“That is not your decision to make,” Ragnar responded.

That’s when Ragnar decided to get baptized (which would increase his chances of reuniting with the priest) — an event his pagan people saw as a betrayal. And according to the promo video for the Season 3 finale, Ragnar’s people will turn against him in episode 10 just as he’s turned away from the Viking beliefs.

“No Christian king will ever be allowed to rule our world,” a character says in the trailer for episode 10. “Someone needs to kill him.”

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The Vikings go all out for a second assault on Paris. Recognizing the desperate state of affairs for his city, Emperor Charles must make a difficult decision. In Wessex, Judith is compelled to make a difficult decision of her own.

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The Viking army embarks and Paris goes into lockdown as the army prepares the defense, overseen by Odo. The Vikings are determined to make it through the gates of Paris and will stop at nothing to succeed.

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CROSSMAP.COM – We know that Warcraft Movie has finished filming months ago and yet we’re going to see the movie next year on March 11, 2016. Clearly Warcraft is taking its sweet time in post-production. But why is that? Why so long? Travis Fimmel revealed that it’s because of its ‘groundbreaking special effects’.

Here’s the latest on ‘Warcraft’ Movie release date, news, and updates.

‘Warcraft’ will be based on the most popular online game of our time, the ‘World of Warcraft” and since it’s a fantasy game we can truly expect that there’ll be a lot of CGI involved. And it seems like Azeroth will be showcased in innovative special effects that includes CGI mapping and motion capture.

Travis Fimmel (known for his role in Vikings) as was casted as the lead protagonist, Sir Anduin Lothar in the upcoming live-action adaptation of World of Warcraft said that fans of the game would be happy and impressed with the CGI used for the film. He further added to say, “It was great! The motion capture stuff is gonna be pretty ground-breaking. I’ve seen some images from it, and what they can create now with computers is unbelievable.”

Since it’s Industrial Light & Magic who’ll be in-charge of Warcraft’s CGI, I have no doubts about this statement.

Since creator Duncan Jones is planning for Warcraft sequels this first live- action Warcraft is going to be about the first clash between humans na orcs and the massive feud between the Alliance and the Horde.

Casting for the “Warcraft” movie are; Dominic Cooper (known for his role in Dracula Untold) who will play King Llane Wryn, Ben Foster (known for his role in Kill your Darlings) will play Magus Medivh, Ben Schnetzer known for his role in “The Book Thief” will play Khadgar, and Marvel’s “Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.” actress Ruth Negga stars as Lady Taria.

When it comes to the Orcish Horde, Toby Kebbell known for his role in “Wrath of the Titans” will play Durotan, and Rober Kazinsky known for his role in Pacific Rim will play Ogrim Doomhammer. Paula Patton will also play as the half-orc, Garona Halforcen, who is caught between the Alliance and the Horde.

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CRAVEONLINE.COM – Actor Travis Fimmel is known to millions of fans as Ragnar Lothbrok, the star of History Channel’s Vikings. Season 3 of the hit show, which is averaging over 4.3 million viewers, runs through April 23, and Season 4 will commence filming this Spring with an anticipated 2016 return.

That same year, Fimmel will become known to a much larger audience. On March 11, 2016, Legendary Pictures will bring Blizzard Entertainment’s World of Warcraft universe to the big screen, and Fimmel will star as Anduin Lothar in the movie co-written and directed by Duncan Jones.

In this exclusive interview, Fimmel talks about the evolution of Vikings, and how that show helped prepare him for the video game adaptation of one of the biggest, massively multiplayer online games (MMOG) in the world.

What impact do you feel the popularity of the first two seasons of Vikings has had on what you’ve been able to accomplish with Season 3?
There’s a lot more characters this year. We’ve expanded a lot. There’s a lot more boats. Paris is amazing to see because nobody’s really seen Paris in the 800s. Paris was originally built by the Romans. Paris was the most daunting task the Vikings faced and was very impenetrable. It had great walls around the whole city and it was on an island. The Vikings really had to show some initiative. It’s not as easy as it was in England.

Will you be able to use those Paris sets for Season 4?
I’m not exactly sure what the full story is when we go back this year. You’d have to ask Michael Hirst about that, but Paris is going to play a big part next year as well. The last four episodes (in Season 3) are all about Paris and our endeavors to get in, but it’s the most daunting task we’ve ever had and Ragnar doesn’t give up. Then we’ll still be trying to get into Paris next year.

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The appearance of the Viking fleet causes panic among the population of Paris. The Emperor Charles, urged by his daughter Gisla, announces in Court he will remain in the city. The defense of Paris is in the hands of its Commander, Count Odo, who hopes that a heroic victory against the Vikings will gain him Gisla’s hand in marriage. The Vikings establish camp downriver from the city and plan their attack.